St Peter in Eastgate - Seniors

We love having people of all ages as part of our church family. Here’s what our more senior members get up to!

We meet every Tuesday at 2.30pm with different things happening every week of the month.

1st Tuesdays

Afternoon Tea: we sit down to an elegantly served afternoon tea and enjoy catching up with one another.

2nd Tuesdays

Seniors Fellowship: we have some time for spiritual reflection and discussion led by one of the clergy.

3rd Tuesdays

Songs of Praise: we hold a monthly service at Olsen Court to encourage the residents there

4th Tuesdays

Focus of Fellowship: an afternoon of board games and chat or sometimes an outing

5th Tuesdays

Midday Communion and Lunch: when there are 5 Tuesdays in the month we have a special opportunity to get together for a Midday Communion service followed by a sit down lunch prepared by a dedicated team. Not to be missed!

While many of our seniors enjoy our more modern informal services, if you prefer more traditional worship please join us for Holy Communion at 9am

We also have a Fellowship Care Team so please do not hesitate to say if you or someone you know would like a home or hospital visit.Please contact David Lomas via email: