around God's Word to build together an authentic Christian community


lifelong disciples of God's Son, receiving Him as Lord, becoming rooted in Him and living fruitful lives of service which glorify Him


out in the power of God's Spirit to serve God's mission in word and action, with this generation and the next, in Lincoln and beyond

Our vision is as simple as 3,2,1….go!

3 values 

The three values you see above are what inspire and guide us in all we do seek to be and to do as a church.

2 parishes

St Peter’s meets in two parishes: the historic parish of Eastgate where Christians have met for over 900 years and a brand new parish at Carlton meeting in a pub! Two worship locations seeking to reflect and serve their communities.

1 church

We are one church united by one Lord and one vision. The two parishes operate with one PCC and share the same vicar and staff team.