Midlands Men’s Convention 2019


We are again planning a trip to the Midlands Men’s Convention this autumn. Like our weekend away, it’s a chance to spend a day together and enjoy a spot of extra spiritual refreshment. The theme this year is “The Joyful Fear of the Lord”

There is an excellent seminar stream too. The convention takes place in Nottingham (at Cornerstone Church) and the date is Saturday 9th November. The cost of the day is £15 and we will be arranging transport (it’s a very easy day out on the train). If you would like to join a party of St Peter’s men for this event, we’d love to hear from you.

You need to book your own convention tickets and seminars on the link below and then contact  James Radcliffe james@stpeterineastgate.org.uk  or Alistair Ward alistair@stpeterineastgate.org.uk to arrange transport together.

Everyone is invited and we’d love you to come! You can book online here.