Who’s who

Who's who and what do they do?

Rev. Edward Bowes-Smith

Edward is responsible for the vision, teaching and oversight of the whole church.


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Rev. James Radcliffe

James assists Edward with all aspects of church life but has particular responsibility for overseeing our St Peter in Carlton congregation.


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Rev Alistair Ward

Alistair is training with us and is getting involved with lots of different aspects of church life. He takes a keen interest in reaching out to our community. 


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Hayley Boag

Hayley joined us all the way from Australia. She leads our youth ministry and family outreach.


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Simon Aston

Simon has recently moved from London (where he still teaches during the week) and has joined us to complete his curacy at the weekends.

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Sally Lidbury

Sally oversees our ministry to children, working with the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team.


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Sarah Booth

Sarah works in the church office 4 days a week to provide administrative support for the mission and ministry of the church.

Office days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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Tom Dodd

Tom is serving on the team this year as our ministry intern, focusing on music & media.

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Liz Bull

Liz is one of our longest serving church members and is always the first there and the last to leave!

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Mark Taylor

Mark is part of the church leadership team and takes a particular interest in our church building, overseeing the Fabric Team.

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Jenny Cooper

Jenny is part of the church leadership team and takes a particular interest in staff support.

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Erik Pollock

Erik is part of the church leadership team and is particularly involved in our music ministry.

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Simon Diggins

Simon is chair of the Carlton Congregation Leadership Team and is also involved in our youth ministry. This year he is also serving as a ministry intern as he does some more youth ministry training.

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Ian Hyde

Ian is a member of our preaching and leading team. He is usually to be found at our 10.30am service but also gets involved in other services.

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Liz Hare

Liz is our treasurer and oversees our Finance Team.


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Fiona Bone

Fiona coordinates all our pastoral ministries, trying to make sure we are all looking after one another.


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Liz Bowes-Smith

Liz looks after all our communications (in print and on line) trying to make sure we all know what’s happening when!


Office days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

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Sally Lidbury

Children and young people are a big part of life at St Peter’s and Sally helps make sure we are looking after them all well.


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Church Council (PCC)

The Church Council (PCC) is elected at the Annual Church Meeting and meets 5 times a year to oversee key areas of church life.
In addition to the clergy and churchwardens the current elected lay members are:

Church Council Members

Fiona Bone, Sarah Booth (Secretary), Jill Brown, Hugo Cobham, John Dagnan, Ruth Davies, Simon Diggins, John Eatherton, Liz Hare (Treasurer), Ian Hyde, Katie Moore, Brent Newton, Clive Patchett, Jenny Robinson, Sarah Rose, Daren Stokes, Jim Woods.

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